So… Who is Bibi?

Cyber Security enthusiast

Bibi works in the cyber security industry as a Security Analyst. She’s still a junior but wants to share the knowledge as she goes along learning.

Physics nerd

Space is cool, Bibi is cool, they go together. Share Bibi’s love for the great beyond and promote women to take up more STEM subjects and school and university.

Here are some cool organisations and groups!

Women in STEM

Code First Girls

Ladies of London Hacking Society

Music addict

Bibi loves music and numerous other ways to avoid being talked to on public transport. But mostly loves the world of music tech and production. Bibi loves some mad beats!

Dances likes everyone is watching and judging…

Bibi is normally late to the party but loves showing others her readiness for bestowing deliberate embarrassment.

A Real Human!

See below, these wonderful testimonials provided by her friends and family…

She’s super weird, and asks questions like no man’s business, messy, and really likes tea.


Really cute 😉 She stays with me because I make her tea.


Bibi has great Facial Recognition. Kindly smart and talks about tea at great lengths.

Best buddy 257